What are the advantages of wrought iron railings?

While there are many different kinds of metals railings can be created from, wrought iron railings provide many advantages for commercial and residential properties that other metals don't.

Safety & Security.

Railings on your property help mitigate accidents on your property that might happen around stairs or raised decks. For example, your property can develop a thin sheet of ice in the wintertime. Falls on surfaces like that are especially bad for older people. Properly installed and designed wrought iron railings help stabilize people who need it most.


Wrought Iron is much more durable than other commonly used materials. And when they're maintained properly, which requires minimal effort,  they'll last a very long time.

Wrought Iron Is Highly Customizable.

Because we design your railings from start to finish, they become totally customizable. But there's more it than that. We use the term "wrought" because it is nearly synonymous with malleability. In other words, this material is literally "wrought" into any design and shape you desire.  When you order a railing from us, you will be able to style them however you need.

Seeing that limitation is your imagination, wrought iron is suitable for every type of building. Two types of buildings that immediately come into my mind are historical buildings that require maintenance/authenticity, and modern properties looking to add something unique or artsy.

They're Incredibly Beautiful — Curb Appeal For Miles.

Safety and regulations aside, wrought iron railings class up the interior and exterior of every building they are installed on. And if you're looking to sell your property now or plan to in the future, the increased curb appeal works to your advantage because people notice the quality and craftsmanship that goes into designing them.

As you can see, there are many reasons to consider wrought iron for your next home or residential project. They're extremely secure, long-lasting, and add curb appeal. If you have more questions or are looking to install iron railings, give us a call.

Oh! And if you're wondering what exactly wrought iron is, we have a brief blog post on it!

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curved railing with heavy twisted pickets surrey portfolio 10
serpentine railing west vancouver portfolio 7
serpentine railing west vancouver portfolio 7
serpentine railing west vancouver portfolio 7
Wrought Iron Railings Abbotsford, Portfolio Feature #5
Wrought Iron Railings Abbotsford, Portfolio Feature #5
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