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Glass Railings

We Fabricate &
Install Glass Railings

Glass railings are an extremely popular product for people looking to add a modern look into their homes. They're also a popular choice for spaces that benefit from open sight-lines, could use more light, or just want to feel big. In short, they're an easy way to add a luxurious feel into your home in an incredibly safe and functional way.

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Four Kinds Of
Glass Railing Systems

Dadoed Glass Railing

A dadoed glass railing system is where the panels are secured between the top of the railing and bottom, which is called the shoe. In practical terms, the glass is secured between wooden or steel frameworks. It's a popular choice because it provides the cleanest look due to a lack of clips or hardware.

Standoff Glass Railing

A standoff glass railing system secures panels with (surprise!) standoffs. A standoff is a round, stainless-steel cylinder. In this design, the glass is often pre-drilled to specs. During installation the product is leveled, and the standoffs are used to secure the panel to the vertical face of the stair and the floor. If you want, it can be designed as a frameless railing system with very minimal visual hardware. But please keep this in mind: if you want a frameless railing, we'll need to know ahead of time (before we begin the framing stage of the project) because the backing needs to be designed to properly support the glass.

Clamped Glass Railing

A clamped glass railing system is where the glass panels are held in place with glass clips. These clips are typically mounted to the posts, but they can also be fastened to the railing/shoe. This is a popular option because it works well with wood and steel posts. It's visually stunning if the hardware used to secure it is finished/polished steel or black. The finishing stands out because there are many posts.

Frameless Glass Railing

Frameless glass railings further minimize how much hardware is needed. The trade-off is that the glass is a touch thicker. They're just as safe as other railings provided they're professionally designed and installed.

Glass Requires Some Maintenance

Overall, glass railings require less maintenance than wood products, but the glass will need to be cleaned more often. Soap with vinegar or Windex with a soft cloth is all you'll need to keep it clean. Just be sure to avoid abrasive cleaning materials because it risks scuffing the glass.

Glass Railing Systems Costs

Without knowing how big the railing will be, it's difficult to estimate the cost. However, of the three main types, dadoed is often the comparatively inexpensive choice. It's because there's less machining, polishing, and hardware needed to complete the project.

The price of projects that incorporate stainless steel will reflect the quality of the steel you select for your railing. Additionally, certain finishing touches, like polished black steel (also known as spéculaire finishing), affect the overall cost and time to complete.

Are Glass Railing Systems Safe?

You might be concerned with the glass itself, that is, whether it'll break, chip, or be unable to support the weight steel/wood railings provide.

This is something you don't need to worry about.

Glass systems are often safer than traditional railing systems, which is credited to tech advancements in the glass industry. You don't need stats for this: the proof is in how often you see glass railings in high-traffic areas, like universities and office high-rises.

Another safety feature that benefits pets and children are the lack of slats or openings. When designed correctly, it's near impossible for a child or pet to stick their arms, legs, or heads through, let alone fall through. The space is designed to be too small for that.

The minimal space between the slats/openings also makes it difficult for children to climb on. There's just near no space to stick a foot in and pull up and over.

Glass also doesn't rot or decay. Wood deteriorates over time -- not quickly, mind you, but it does happen as the years go by. Glass doesn't. This translates into reliable structural integrity that lasts.

Finally, the glass itself. It's tempered safety glass. This kind of glass is around four times stronger than regular glass. It won't shatter into sharp pieces, either. Instead, like a windshield, it breaks into small, relatively harmless pieces if someone does manage to break it.

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