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What is Wrought Iron?

What is wrought iron?Wrought iron is an extremely durable and malleable type of metal. Combine that with its natural resistance to corrosion and how easy it is to weld, and you have a popular material with a wide range of uses.The name wrought iron is historical. Traditionally, this metal is beaten into shape by a […]

Metal Stairs, In-Progress Designs #2.

Metal Stairs,In-Progress Designs #2.Here’s a project we’re currently working on!We’re currently working on a new 1/2 plate fabricated steel stairs design. We first modeled this design in SolidWorks. Then, we sent it all out for cutting and fabrication. We are essentially building a giant set of saw-teeth by creating a box from 2 plates and […]

What are the advantages of wrought iron railings?

What are the advantages of wrought iron railings?While there are many different kinds of metals railings can be created from, wrought iron railings provide many advantages for commercial and residential properties that other metals don’t.Safety & Security.Railings on your property help mitigate accidents on your property that might happen around stairs or raised decks. For […]

Are spiral stairs less safe for public use than other stairs?

Are spiral stairs less safe for public use than other stairs?Spiral stairs could be less safe as they aren’t perfectly even on both sides. However, they are typically used for architectural design because of space requirements that the client’s home or business has. Cost wise, spiral stairs and railings usually cost significantly more than straight […]

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