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Custom Metal
& Steel Fabrication Metal
brass, bronze, copper, wrought iron & stainless steel railings

What is architectural metal fabrication?

Architectural fabrication, steel fabrication and metal work are closely related and almost interchangable. In short, they mean this: the act of designing, creating and installing metal works to add unique beauty to a space that complements the interior or exterior of the home or office. There are several steps to this artistic and complex process, including:

  • Design
  • Welding and Fabrication
  • Metal Finishing
  • Forging and Blacksmith

Metal Finishing

Custom finishes require a unique skill-set, an eye for beauty and a love of metal working. This is not something that’s taught in textbook format– it’s the result of experimentation, of adaptation, and a passionate love for the craft. To have a keen knowledge of metal finishing is to be guided by one’s artistic impulses and long experience.

While there are metal fabrication shops out there, there is a tendency for these shops to grind projects down rather than creating exemplary surfaces through painstaking craftsmanship. The difference lies in the quality of the finished product– in the look, the durability and the way the project complements the environment around it.

Custom Metal work Furniture
Metal Railings, Metal Work
Modern gate in Mission, B.C.

Kinds of metal finishing:
Blacking metal, stainless steel, patinas on brass, copper, aluminum or waxing.

Whether you’re dealing in blacking metal or stainless steel, patinas on brass, copper or aluminum or waxing, the quality of the finish is what separates a truly great work of art from a grind job in a metal fab shop. At Masuk Metal we believe our love of the craft makes all the difference, and that difference shines through in our projects time and again.

platform stairs v2 forging technologies

Forging and Blacksmithing

Forging is the art of the blacksmith– it’s the time-honoured tradition of relocating metal from an existing bar into a new form without cutting the material or joining to another.
It’s the moulding of metal like one might mould the more malleable clay, and is primarily used in architectural metalwork to work steel or wrought iron, stainless steel, bronze, copper, aluminum and similar materials.

Forging is a fascinating process of stretching, shrinking and working with some of the strongest substances known to man, and the beauty lies in the longevity of the practice. When you speak of blacksmithing, many people think of traditional metalworking, passed down through countless generations of man.

It’s through this proven, time-honoured craft that Masuk Metals creates our modern metalwork designs and sculptural metalwork that has our clients coming back time and again.

The Masuk Metals team uses the art of forging and blacksmithing to creating any shape, any design that the human mind can conceive.

Call today to our blacksmithing skills and our love of the craft to work for you!

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When it comes to crafting high quality, custom metal work for your home or office, Masuk Metal Design has the expertise to meet even the most complex requirements.

Whether you’re looking for a simple, functional design to complement your fast-paced busy lifestyle or a work of art to last generations, our metal work is designed to stand the test of time.

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