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Automated Swing Gate, Portfolio #21

Automated Swing Gate, Portfolio #21.Here’s an automated swing gate we designed, fabricated and installed. This small gallery includes pictures of the slide gate, side gate entrance, and fence.The driveway gate is powered by Liftmaster.

Aluminum Railing, Portfolio #20.

Aluminum Railing, Portfolio #20.The customer approached us and asked us to design an aluminum railing that doesn’t look like a run-of-the-mill cookie-cutter aluminum railing. So we did exactly that.The first thing you’ll probably notice is the color. This aspect alone takes you right back to the first time you bought a brand new cast iron […]

Mono Stringer Staircase & Railing, Portfolio #19

Mono Stringer Staircase& Railing,Portfolio #19.Here is a highly customized raw-to-finished project we just completed in a high-end home. One key feature’s the 100+-year-old reclaimed wood used for the steps. It’s a railing and mono-stringer staircase with metal brackets. This design also features polished pickets with a side and roof-mounted triangular frame.Backstory:Hunfeld Homes, the Contractor, found […]

Custom Railing, Portfolio #18

Custom Metal Railing,Portfolio #18.Here is another large custom railing project designed by us.The customer performs large civil concrete forming projects in the Yukon and built a massive 18″ solid thick wall. This is absolutely necessary for the cantilever treads, which are installed with massive 3/4 stainless steel anchors. At the end of the day, this […]

Sawtooth Stairs, Vancouver BC, Portfolio #17.

Sawtooth Stairs,Vancouver, BC,Portfolio #17.This is a sharp cornered mono stringer staircase. It is made from 2 pieces of custom-designed and cut steel plate to fit our purposes.Now, everything we do is a one-off. This means we had to measure, design and build this staircase to suit the home from the ground up.We welded the two […]

Curved Metal railing. Delta, Surrey, Portfolio #16

Curved Metal Railing,Surrey / Delta,Portfolio #16.We’re really proud of this project because of the significant fitting and handwork required to design and install it. But, in all honesty, the challenges these projects offer also make the final stand out. These are always worth the effort.Some aspects that stand out:• First, the posts are doubled up […]

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