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Are spiral stairs less safe for public use than other stairs?

Are spiral stairs less safe for public use than other stairs?Spiral stairs could be less safe as they aren’t perfectly even on both sides. However, they are typically used for architectural design because of space requirements that the client’s home or business has. Cost wise, spiral stairs and railings usually cost significantly more than straight […]

Curved Railing with Heavy Twisted Pickets Surrey Portfolio #10

Curved Railing w/Heavy Twisted Pickets,Surrey, B.C.,Portfolio Feature #10This ultra, heavyweight entryway railing was a really unique and amazing piece that we created for some amazing customers of ours. This railing was dressed up to the nines. And while it didn’t need to be curved, we curved it because it was what made the customer happy. […]

Driveway gate abbotsford portfolio #9

Driveway Gate,Abbotsford, B.C.Portfolio Feature #9.This is a driveway gate project we had to redo; one where the customer unfortunately spent a significant amount of money on to have completed by another company previously.The gate was not manufactured in a way where it could withstand wind very well. Being a privacy gate, the wind resistance needs […]

Metal Railing South Surrey Portfolio #8

Metal Railing,South Surrey, B.C.,Portfolio Feature #8:Our railing design process:The first step was taking a look at the deck’s configuration. It turned out to be more complex than your typical deck. Given that, we figured out an attractive solution on our CAD software and sent the client the drawing after they committed to the project.Then, we […]

Serpintine Railing West Vancouver Portfolio #7

Serpentine Railing or Susan Railing,West Vancouver, B.C.,Portfolio Feature #7:This serpertine railing, also known as a Susan Railing, was created for a beautiful and unique garden in West Vancouver. The customer had a large, curved, concrete retaining wall that needed an attractive solution for this amazing home.To be frank, this type of project takes an incredible […]

Driveway Gate Aldergove BC Portfolio #6

Driveway GateAldergrove, B.C.,Portfolio Feature #6:This custom driveway gates in Aldergrove, B.C. were designed and forged for customer of ours who creates detailed mill-work creations at Van Arbour Design Inc. We initially drafted this gate design in our 3d Augmentation Software so that our customer could see where we were going with this project and what […]

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