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Aluminum Railing
Safe, Durable & Versatile.

We Fabricate & Install Aluminum Railing Systems

Aluminum railings are a popular choice among home and business owners because, when compared to its alternatives, it's often cheaper to install and easier to maintain. Steel, for example, typically costs more than aluminum and is much heavier, which ends up increasing the price. On the side of the spectrum, wood requires a lot more maintenance than aluminum (i.e., painting, staining, and sealing). So, before you look at your other options, read through this and see why aluminum railings might be the perfect option for you.

Aluminum Is An Extremely Durable Product.

Unlike many other kinds of materials, aluminum isn’t prone to rust or corrosion. This makes it ideal for your home's exterior, such as acting as a deck railing or near your pool. And unlike wood, aluminum railings won’t splinter, twist, shrink or warp as time goes on.

Modern stairscase in Mission, B.C.

Aluminum Railings Are Made for Decks and Pools.

Aluminum is naturally a stable product. Specifically, it doesn’t rot, rust, decay, or corrode, making it perfect for your business or home exterior. Also, its upkeep is rather easy. If you're looking to further minimize maintenance, we will powder coat your railing. Powder coating means that the most you'll have to do is give them an old-fashioned hose down once in a while at best. Another advantage is that a powder coated railing is permanent, and won’t crack, chip, or peel like paint. How often between cleanings? About once a year if your outdoor environment is even. Harsher environments, such as near the ocean or a pool might need an inspection every six months or so.

Note: the three pictures below are aluminum picket railings.

metal railing portfolio 8
metal railing portfolio 8
metal railing portfolio 8
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Light Weight & Easy to Install.

Steel tends to be very heavy. Wood unfortunately chips. This means railings made from either of these products tend to take a bit more time to install, and time is money. Also, if you're a handy average homeowner, you'll have an easier time installing aluminum railings yourself, provided you have the right tools.

That being said, we are ready to install any of the projects we create for you.

Aluminum Railings Are Affordable.

Aluminum is not the cheapest option available. For example, wood railings can be cheaper. But cheap products typically don't stand up to the test of time, and the money you saved ends up getting spent on buying it all over again. When we compare aluminum to wrought iron or steel, aluminum is ends up being more affordable. And if you begin considering the initial cost of your railing, then factor in installation, maintenance, repair, and the average lifespan of the chosen railing, aluminum shines even brighter. This metal really increases the longevity of the project.You really do end up coming out ahead.


serpentine railing west vancouver portfolio 7
metal railing portfolio 8

Aluminum Railings Are Strong and Safe.

Aluminum's a very versatile material. But you should know its strength depends on the chosen alloy. You own’t have to worry about that with us: we always take where you're placing it and why  into consideration when selecting the right alloy for your project.

Structurally, aluminum is fantastic. This, again, is because it doesn't rot, decay, rust or corrode. Ultimately, this means you won’t have to worry about these issues affecting your railing’s strength, safety, or durability. This is important because the safety aluminum railings provide need to remain consistent for years to come. 

Aluminum railings are also capable of being ADA compliant.


Polished and Powder Coated Aluminum Is Beautiful.

The function of every railing is safety. Every balcony, porch, and stairway needs to have one. However, strength and security aren't enough -- it needs to be beautiful. We will design your aluminum railings in any style you need, matching it to your tastes. This product is capable of offering you the elegance and style of wrought iron without the bulky weight and price tag.

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