Metal Stairs
brass, bronze, copper, wrought iron & stainless steel stairs

Metal staircases designed for your space

There's really nothing like the adding metal staircases to your space. Not only do they create a stunning look that nobody forgets, the feeling of smooth metal on your hand is crisp and distinct.

Design choices are limitless

We'll design your stairs to your tastes: classic, straight, curved, and staircases with multiple landings. The only limitation is the space you're installing them in.

One of the most popular home designs is the Mono Stringer Staircase. It consists of a member or tube being used as the stringer, or the primary structure of the stairs. In this design, the treads tend to be top mounted while the stringer sits below. The treads are made of wood and a steel plate. The steel plate supports the wood. This structure forms the base for staircases in the bulk of steel stairs used in modern homes. Another aspect that makes these so popular is that they can be built in a variety of ways to conform to round or curved configurations.

Here are a few of our designs

Invite a modern look into your home

When it comes to crafting high quality, durable stairs for your home or office, Masuk Metal Design has the expertise to meet even the most complex requirements.

Whether you’re looking for a simple, functional design to complement your fast-paced busy lifestyle or a work of art to last generations, our stairs are designed to stand the test of time.

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