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A little bit About Masuk Metal.

Metalwork technology has advanced though the ages.

So have we. Our "Drive" to build driveway gates is what pushes us to do better jobs more efficiently for the customer.

About Me, Bryce.

I come from a family of metalworkers who specialized in Architectural Metalwork. I wasn't ever told to be a metalworker, I just wanted to. And, by the age of 20, I had fully commited myself to this trade.

It's not just a job, or a business. To me, it's a matter of personal pride in craftsmanship and knowledge in and of metalworking. Me and my team, we create, we experiment, and we know knowledge is technology.

My business started out small in 2012. And as time went on, I collected more and more specialized equipment. This allowed me to do increasingly complicated jobs and less complicated jobs efficiently.

At the end of the day, we are a metal fabrication shop.

So you know, when we're asked to take on a new project, we don't just do a few specific limited jobs. We take your idea to the limit of our knowledge and your need's. My team and I have the mindset to create unique solutions for your needs.

We draft our work in SolidWorks, creating 3d designs to show you how things will look like once we're done installing your project.

About the Company.

The modern push towards building projects quicker doesn't always lead to a better or higher quality final product. If it takes us longer to build something, it's because we are investing more care, additional time, and respecting the reality that some projects require more work than we initially anticipated.

We know you don't need to know how we do it all, but, if your interested, we invite you to our facility to see how it's done.

Our passion for metalwork combined with our knowledge of gate installation and construction allows us to to create leading edge projects for our clients. At Masuk Metal, we are comfortable merging old world craftsmanship with modern technology.

When you come to our facility you can see the broad range of tools we use to complete our jobs. We use everything from a 1914 Dupont model D power hammer,
to a modern Anyang 40kg power hammer for forging forming and texturing materials.


Take a quick look through our photo galleries to find some inspiration or to see what we've already done. If you have any questions, call us or click the button below to go to our contact page.

Invite a modern look into your home.

Together we will find the right solution for your project. Consult with us and we will design something that will be a unique and a vital part of your project.

Let's start with a consultation.