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Stair Railings

Brass, bronze, copper, wrought iron & stainless steel railings

Redesign your space with beautiful metal railings.

Railings accent your home in unique, expressive ways. But railings made from metal, such as steel or wrought iron, have advantages other materials do not. For one, our railings are designed, cut and shaped to fit any place in your space. They're also very easy to clean, extremely sturdy, and nothing beats the look of finished metal.

Popular types of Metal Railings
to choose from:

  • Aluminum railings
  • Solid Brass railings
  • Copper railings
  • Stainless Steel railings
  • Wrought Iron railings

Metal Railings have near infinite design options

Because every railing we create is designed specifically for your space, we're able to to create nearly anything you're after. If you're not entirely sure what will work best in your space, we will go over different kinds of railing systems, offer pros and cons, and figure out exactly what best suits your home or business. We’ll take into account the layout of your staircase and its surrounding area. We'll also suggest design options and materials that will fit best with your needs.

Our railings are all custom built using several different materials. This includes brass, bronze, copper, wrought iron and stainless steel. Every one of those choices provide beauty, quality and durability.

We’ll also consult with you regarding the best finish to meet your needs. When it comes to railings, the finish you choose makes a huge difference in the final quality, price and the look of the final product.


Metal Railings, Metal Staircase, Metal Work
Metal Railings, Metal Staircase, Metal Work
Metal Railings, Metal Work

Interior railings to stun your guests.

Interior stair railings do much more than stabalize you as you're going up or down. They play a crucial role in the aesthetics of your space -- especially when they're designed to your tastes.

Add elegance and style to your space with custom designed stair railings by having us fabricate and install a new railing for you.

justin wilkie gallery
justin wilkie gallery
justin wilkie gallery
susan railing 12

Outdoor or exterior railings protect & enhance your space.

Exterior railings are stunning to look at and really seperate your space from everyone elses'.

But it's more than just looks. Our outdoor railings are designed with longevity in mind. This means that  we account for the different kinds of weather systems we have throughout the year to make sure your railings don't degrade because of uninformed decisions.

Interested in seeing more images of metal railings we've created? Follow the link below.

A free estimate for your next custom railing project.

When it comes to crafting high quality, durable railings for your home or office, Masuk Metal Design has the expertise to meet even the most complex requirements.

Whether you’re looking for a simple, functional design to complement your fast-paced lifestyle or a work of art to last generations, our railings are designed to stand the test of time.

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