What are the benefits of iron gates?

The main benefits iron gates provide are primarily their strength and durability. To be more specific, iron gates are easier to repair than aluminum gates, and offer much high levels of security aluminum gates as well.

Where are iron gates often used?

Iron gates are often used in high-end residential installations. Typically, iron's chosen when the customer wants a) a custom gate design and b) where aluminm is not be strong enough or suitable for the application.

In commercial applications, iron gates are used more commonly utilized in areas that have frequent traffic. This is because aluminum gates get damaged in high traffic areas and the parts holding it together generally don't last as long (due to the volume of openings, for example).

Another benefit iron gates provide is their ability to secure a person's property from break-in's and vehicle damage. If you look in the US, such as properties in New York, Washington D.C., Virginia, Pennsylvania, etc., you will see houses with heavy iron gates and heavy iron railings that were fabricated and installed before modern welding existed. Heavy iron gates are still in existence today in Europe, and many of these are few hundred years old up (even up to 1000 years!!!) with restorations being performed on them when required.

Understanding what you're getting when you're purchasing a gate ensures that you don't hav to worry about your project after it's completed.

Customized Heavy Iron Gates

Customization of iron gates or railings is highly flexible. The material when heated moves like clay, all-be-it-several-times harder when it cools (don't worry we have a hammer for that, too). We love what we do, and we will take your vision, create a mold, and form the iron and steel into a one-off custom piece that fits perfectly onto your property.

We care about project, considering each one to be an investment in ourselves and our customer.

A little bit about or process.

Our process is simple.

  1. We talk to you and find out the right starting point for your project.
  2. We begin the design phase and refine your goals, placing them into our design.
  3. We create a final design and work out most of the kinks, then taking it and tune it into a construct-able project that will work with the conditions it will be working in.
  4. We then cut, form and create. In some cases this means creating a product to be test fit. In other cases, this means building it to completion immediately.
  5. Metal finishing. Finishing is the fundamental part that really differentiates the average to the excellent. We probably could save many hours and thousands of sanding disks and grinding wheels by avoiding or minimizing finishing, but we know we can do better and we intend to do it right the first time.
  6. Lastly, painting or powder coating. With a heavy iron gate you may find you want to galvanize the gate by either spray galvanizing or hot dripping the entire project. This allows the gate to last for an extremely long time and it no longer relies upon paint or primer to protect it. This will often require some clean up or refinishing to smooth it out again. Depending on the design, a high-quality automotive single stage paint with an epoxy primer can also last a very long time with no maintenance. That being said, both galvanizing plus the automotive painting process is really the best combination you can get.

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