Monolithic Wrought Iron Railing,
Portfolio #11.

This railing was created for a customer that wanted something that hybridized two designs in a way you may have never seen before. We took heavy solid steel spindles, which are hammer forged, and twisted them into a laborious but beautiful final piece. We then painstakingly polish these spindles throughout the twists to brighten them up, creating a clean and crisp finish.

We then used 10mm monolithic tempered glass suspended throughout the near-frame-less design with 1 1/2 inch stainless steel standoffs. The top rail is 3/8 x 2 solid bar. This design choice required some serious finesse to keep it straight as all of the components were flexible though-out the installation process.

Because the spindles were handmade, it required some hand-fitting to make the glass fit just right.

All of it this is bolted to the structure of the building, and the glass acts as a structural component that holds the railing, decreasing the flexibility inherent in the steel.

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