Metal Railing,
South Surrey, B.C.,
Portfolio Feature #8:

Our railing design process:

The first step was taking a look at the deck's configuration. It turned out to be more complex than your typical deck. Given that, we figured out an attractive solution on our CAD software and sent the client the drawing after they committed to the project.

Then, we built each and every frame and piece, testing it, fitting it, and then returned to our shop for the next step in the metal fabrication process.

We selected to a 1x3 cap with rounded corners for the top. This gave the railing depth and robustness.

We chose to leave a 3 7/8 space from the top with our 1x2 midrail, and we used 1/4 x 1 solid aluminum for our vertical pickets. These provide a very minimal view obstruction straight on but still maintain a nice depth when viewed from an angle.

Then we sanded and finished the entire project to perfection.

Once finished, it was sent for a matt-black powder-coating, designed, fabricated and installed by us.

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