Driveway Gate,
Abbotsford, B.C.
Portfolio Feature #9.

This is a driveway gate project we had to redo; one where the customer unfortunately spent a significant amount of money on to have completed by another company previously.

The gate was not manufactured in a way where it could withstand wind very well. Being a privacy gate, the wind resistance needs to be much higher than normal, requiring additional backing and strength spread across the gate to hold the paneling in place.

One of the main problems was that the gate had the paneling tacked in. A short piece of flat-bar was tacked in and the panels were ripped right out of the gate.

We figured out a solution that would provide much more strength with less wind resistance. It would look better than the previous gate and be built to a much higher standard of quality. We replaced the undersized hinges with a 3/4 hinge and reinstalled the motor system.

After we were done the the gate work properly again like it should have the first time.

Some of the materials we used:

This driveway gate is made from 2x4 aluminum sides with 1x4 aluminum horizontals, which makes this one strong, sturdy gate.

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