Custom Metal Railing,
Portfolio #18.

Here is another large custom railing project designed by us.

The customer performs large civil concrete forming projects in the Yukon and built a massive 18" solid thick wall. This is absolutely necessary for the cantilever treads, which are installed with massive 3/4 stainless steel anchors. At the end of the day, this railing is about as heavy as you would possibly want to install, given these lengths.

We built around 125 linear ft of railing. There some challenges with this project, including request to avoid drilling through the concrete floor. In order to accommodate this, parts of the railing are side-mounted and cantilevered out. Other parts are just side-mounted or floor mounted.

The railing itself is comprised of 1/2 x 2 flat bar top cap and posts with 1/2 pickets. The bottom railing is 3/8 x 1 1/2. The angled railing on the stairs is 248" long. This means the 20" bar 240" had to be extended right off the bat to make it work. We used countersunk fasteners to attach the railings to each other. The rest of the project is 3/8 lag bolts due to the weight of this railing.

Lastly, the wood is also massive to compliment the design and space. It is an old-growth fir.

Oh, and one of the finishing touches includes a matte black powder coating.

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