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Pure Copper Curved Railing, West Vancouver, Portfolio #15

Pure Copper Curved Railing,West Vancouver,Portfolio #15.This project is extremely interesting. It’s created for a customer that had an existing railing of this design already in place. Seeing how much they loved it, they asked us to best emulate the existing railing.Now, copper is rather difficult to weld with a tig machine because a) it requires […]

Custom Stainless-Steel Cable Railing, Portfolio #14

Stainless-Steel Cable Railings,Portfolio #14This is a custom stainless-steel cable railing we built for a client with a unique backyard / deck area. This property contained a pool, wooden deck and concrete seated on various elevations. We had to major goals in this project. The first is safety: we needed to make sure that the railing […]

Metal Stairs, In-Progress Designs #2.

Metal Stairs,In-Progress Designs #2.Here’s a project we’re currently working on!We’re currently working on a new 1/2 plate fabricated steel stairs design. We first modeled this design in SolidWorks. Then, we sent it all out for cutting and fabrication. We are essentially building a giant set of saw-teeth by creating a box from 2 plates and […]

Iron railings, Chilliwack BC Portfolio #13

Iron Railing,Chilliwack, B.C.,Portfolio #13.People often compare the price of wood vs metal. In cases of high-end wood materials, it is comparable. However, once wood gets any type of damage, filler materials and glue never fix it right.On the flip side, heavyweight, high-quality railings last forever.Customers often have wood railings that are mostly intact but, at […]

Monolithic Wrought Iron Railing - Portfolio #11

Monolithic Wrought Iron Railing,Portfolio #11.This railing was created for a customer that wanted something that hybridized two designs in a way you may have never seen before. We took heavy solid steel spindles, which are hammer forged, and twisted them into a laborious but beautiful final piece. We then painstakingly polish these spindles throughout the […]

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