Railings Mean Something to Us

In a ever disposable world we create interest in building projects to stand the test of time. 

When we create a project we know that its here to stay for generations which is worth our time and yours.

Unleash our Passion for Metal on your project today.

Masuk Metal Design has the expertise to meet even the most complex requirements.
Whether you’re looking for a simple, functional design to complement your fast-paced busy lifestyle or a work of art to last generations, our railings are designed to stand the test of time.
Our railings can be crafted in many shapes and forms, and can be worked to complement a variety of materials, from steel to wood and anything in between.
At Masuk Metal, we’ll collaborate with you to decide on the best rail designs for your home or business. We’ll take into account the layout of your staircase and the surrounding area, and help to suggest both designs and materials that fit best with your needs.
We’ll work with your existing space to solve any problems and to develop breathtaking solutions that work best for you.
Our railings can be built using several different materials, from wrought iron to stainless steel and more. For example, our team is proficient in working with brass, bronze and copper, all of which provide great beauty along with high standards of quality and durability.
We’ll also consult with you regarding the best finish to meet your needs– when it comes to railings, finish makes a huge difference in quality, pricing and the overall final product.
Different materials require different processes when it comes to forging, bending and forming the metal, and we’ll make sure you have all the knowledge you need to make an informed decision.
The Masuk Metal Design Process for Railings
Once we’ve had an initial consultation to determine your railing needs, the Masuk Metal team follows a time-tested process that provides customer satisfaction again and again:
We’ll measure your existing space and create 3D shop drawings– for more complex or specialized orders, we’ll create a sample panel for you to view.
The team will then produce a test railing that can be measured, adjusted and perfected onsite– we’ll then take the test rail back to our shop and use it to create your railings.
We’ll install your custom railings in your home or office and back up your installation with our Quality guarantee.

Wrought Iron railings provide timeless elegance to any interior or exterior space, and their exceptional durability means you’ll enjoy them for a lifetime.
Wrought iron railings add beauty and grandeur to any architectural style– with their winning combination of modern charm and classic sophistication, wrought iron railings will add value to any property.
At Masuk Metal Design, our superior design experience and dedication to craftsmanship means that you’ll always get the perfect wrought iron solution for your needs. We use the newest technology to produce 3D renderings in any pattern or design that you’d like so you can always find the right look.
Our railings are custom built by our team of expert craftsmen– we understand the need for both durability and the need to add to the value of your home or office building.
For more information on our wrought iron railings, call today!
Railings (Interior Metal)
From iron to aluminum, our interior metal railings are sculpted in any design or pattern you need to add classic beauty and charm to your home.
We provide a wide variety of finishes in different colors and textures designed to complement the interior look and feel of your home– our railings create an eye-catching and unique look that makes your home a place you’re proud to spend time!
At Masuk Metal Design, our experienced team is available for a consultation any time.
We’ll assess your space and talk about your needs in order to form an expert opinion on the best interior railing solution for you. Once we’ve come up with a solution you love, we’ll create breathtaking 3D renderings so you can make an informed choice.
We’ll then craft your railing in any design you choose and our efficient, artful team will install your railings with the utmost care, adding beauty to your space and value to your home or office!
To chat more about interior railings for your home or office, call today!
Railings (Stainless Steel and Brass/Copper Railings)
Whether you’re looking for handrails or custom railings, stainless steel, brass and copper railings offer elegant sophistication and durability in a variety of stunning interior or exterior looks.
Brass and copper are a solid choice that can be used to craft both standard and custom curved staircases. Stainless steel boasts amazing sturdiness coupled with a gorgeous, timeless look.
The Masuk Metal Design team will consult with you to determine your needs and the look you love– we’ll then present you with clear, 3D renderings so you can decide on the best look for your home or office.
We’ll then craft your railings with the utmost care and expertise, and ensure careful and efficient installation so before you know it, your space is the epitome of artistic charm.
To talk more with our team about installing stainless steel, brass or copper railings, call for a consultation today!

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