Custom Tailored    metalwork

Lets make this the best part of your project.

​The First Step

​To changing the way you feel about​ your home is reforming your vision for what it can become, 

We are here to help with our expert team to look through previous jobs we have created or by helping you with your inspiration pictures and finding the best way to make them work within your existing or future place

​Metal Railings 

​Custom Starts with the Customer,

Come to us with a unique project and we will create something amazing for you.

​Our Process ​​​Assures only the best railings can and will be created.

Metal +


Experienced and Innovative Metalwork in Vancouver, BC

          Time & Effort + Craftsmanship & Knowledge

Not all metalwork is the same, it is the sum of skill and desire of whom it is created by and for.

Small details are additive to a cohesive project your vision with our experience and knowledge allows customers to achieve specialized goals not easily accessible.

Custom metal is a lifelong journey and passion, to create new pieces new processes and have customers who want to push and create specialized pieces is our core reason for existing

Call today to talk more about how one of our designs can enhance your space

Our Process

Unlike most Metal manufacturers, We ​dedicate ourselves to creating  the most unique metal projects ​for those who demand the most from custom metal we are here to create the projects that really matter.

Metal railings are often a focus point in specialized homes few local businesses understand how to create railings on a large scale with the quality you would expect from custom furniture, ​

We work with copper, bronze, steel, aluminum and titanium.

​Developing custom furniture and custom metal projects requires a special touch and observance of the space or your dedicated designers working on your behalf.

We create for office, restaurant and retail spaces, our experience in custom metal finishing drafting and installations allows us to complete almost any type of project.

​​Forging and finishing custom pieces of furniture has always been a big piece of our business we build for various designers worldwide we can produce ship and crate ​anywhere in the world including USA, Korea and Japan.

Metal is in our DNA

​Here are a few quick examples of experimental metalwork, Anything large starts with small pieces and small details that can be expanded and grown into large projects, Thinking small is important and will ultimately set the tone of the completed project. we can create anything that customer can think of we live to create and build for customers that don't want the normal everyday metalwork that your everday fabricator can produce.


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