Masuk Metal Design Studio,
Created in Spring 2012  Maple Ridge BC,

After working in various specialized metalwork shops though out North America 

Bryce masuk returned home and founded masuk metal design to bring a more diverse knowledge of custom metalwork to vancouver and surrounding area,

Bryce masuk comes from a family of metalworkers specializing in architectural metalwork,
"Hungry for innovation and experimentation I started this business at 26,
I wanted to do forging and specialized metalwork that wasn't being done around here at the time.
Each project is a testimate to our directive to do each job better each and every time on every detail, 

With the ability to create custom forgings and specialized designs we offer exceptional metalwork that isn't found anywhere else.

Being able to work with people such as Brian Brazeal, Helmut Hillenkamp, and at Simon metal in Ontario
Bryce masuk has picked up different methodology's of creating custom metal projects,
His father was also a lifelong metalcrafter.

Masuk metal Design has since focused on high end residential metalwork for specialized homes and commercial metalwork.

Since then we have completed projects for
Orpheum theater vancouver, Dublin gate pub, Witchcraft pub, Jungle jacs, Wildtail and Flying pig,
Kelly Obryan's,  Norweigian artist "Stian Ådlandsvik"
Gold edge properties, Beckville Woodcraft, Freshi, and many other contractors and builders.

We create, we experiment, and believe knowledge is technology and look to new techniques modern technology and old methods of metalworking
We have the mindset to create unique solutions for clients needs on any scale.